Chamber Star Packages

Below are our current packages. We are continuously adding features, so options will change. If you require data from your
old site over to the new site, that is done on a case to case basis. We would be happy to give you a quote.

List of Main Features (For complete list of features, go here)

Add/Edit Member Packages

Create member packages for purchase.

Add/Edit Special Deals

Get your special deals noticed.

Add/Edit Member Deals

Offer your product or service to members.

Add/Edit Company Profile

Keep your profile up todate.

Online Chatroom

Getting everybody together easily.

Upload Reports / Documents

Keep your meeting notes for future.

Project Accounting Ability

Keep track of your event.

Manage Projects

Create committee projects.

Admin Comittee Management

Add your Chair Person as administrator.

Add/Edit Requests for Proposals

Able to monitor all Proposals.

Add/Edit Directories

Full control on Directories and Postings.

Add/Edit your Own Event

List your event plain or collect registration.

Add/Edit Admin Photo Gallery

Add all your Events you have.

Add/Edit Admin Social Networks

Easy setup and posting your events.

Add/Edit Job Postings

Job posting to help your business.

Email Account Control

Add Emails and Box size.

Free Domain Renewal ($20 Value)

Transfer your domain name for FREE.

Free SSL Certificate ($100 Value)

256 byte encryption for security.

Free Yearly Hosting ($135 Value)

Eliminate the extra cost, hosting included.

Full Help Videos on Features

Need to know how to do it, look no further.

Full reports on Visits

Know how many visitors visit your page.

Add/Edit Requests for Proposals

Send out a request for job proposals.

Add/Edit Company Video

Add your MP4 video for your Company.

Add/Edit Member Photo Gallery

Add your company photos.

Add/Edit Social Networks

Social Networks made easy.

Add/Edit Web Page

Key feature to help you get noticed.

Add/Edit Job Postings

Full control over Job Postings.

Add/Edit Member Deals

Have your deals go to members only.

Add/Edit Special Deals

Full control over special deals.

Add/Edit your Chamber Info

Having your Chamber information is key.

Add/Edit your Own Event

Get the word out about your event.

Add/Edit Business Directory

Stay current in the Directory.

Add/Edit Personal Information

Keep your business up to date.